"I Suck At Being a Mother!"

These words came straight from a mother trying to do her best, yet feeling like she's failing at being a mother.  If only she knew how many mothers share her feelings. Motherhood is no joke. Stressful, challenging, exhausting, and sometimes frustrating. It helps to know you're not alone on the journey. It helps to know other mothers reach the point of breaking just like you do. When we wear the "I'm perfect" mask, we not only deceive others, but we're deceiving ourselves.

We all fall short, we all fall to pieces, but we all can fall on our knees and pray for strength to make it through another day in the Hood - Motherhood, that is!

Raising Mothers is about moms - real moms who aren't afraid to admit their less than perfect role as a mother and allow another mother to learn from her mistakes.

New moms, seasoned mothers, grandmothers, aunts, stepmothers, etc...if you've mothered a child, you're a mother!