The Giving Mother

The mother gives so much of herself but takes nothing for herself. She gives more time for her children and rarely takes any time for herself. She gives time that is past what any clock could ever hold. She is there making sure everyone else is happy. She is happy when she has accomplished her goal of making her family satisfied. The mother is not just a baby making machine, but yet, she can be called engine engine number nine because she goes to the depths of the world for her children. She goes to infinity and beyond! When she hear the roars of "I'm hungry" cascading through the house, she can make a meal out of anything. Although children may not appreciate her efforts at times, her goal is to set out to do what she has to do. She wants to cry at times, but there are the tears of her children that she needs to wipe first before she can let hers fall. Her laughter is so strong in order not to fall out from crying. she can be as sleezy with her man as she wants, while still being a lady. She may loose her eyesight, only after sitting up night after night from reading the same story to her child. She is the one who has to jump in the closet just to assure the young child that their is no monster in there. The mother gives so much more than just birth, she gives hope to her children, even when she does not believe it herself. She is the one who has to look at all those drawings and tell the children, "You did a good job, I love it." This is mother and she is here to stay.

Barbara, FL