Waking the Dead - On a School Morning

It's 6:15 AM and my alarm goes off -not because I have to get ready for work but because my teenage daughters need to get up and ready for school.. I get up - walk to each of their rooms - turn their lights on and tell them to "Get up" - Sometimes I'll hear a grunt or two - or maybe an "okay".. Then I go back to bed to sleep rest my eyes... And every 15-20 minutes - I will holler to my lovely daughters - "GET UP NOW!!" I will hear lies through the walls - "Mom, I'm up" or "I'm dressed"... I know they are lying because I don't hear their IPods playing their awful music (Man, I just did sound like my mother - didn't I?) and I don't hear them walking around... I have Mommy ears and I do hear everything. Read More